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The writer is ready


writingSo I know I need to keep going however I am not sure how much coffee the human body can consume in one day and still remain with the ability to function. A friend suggested energy drinks but YUK I can even stand the smell of them. I am hopeful that my body will eventually understand that the standard 3 am wake up is so I can play through the next chapter in my mind before getting out of bed an hour or so later to write it.

Todays chapter is a hard one, for me it shows the first signs that we understand later one were missed. My main character is to young and to see if yet but what she misses now will bring it crashing down around her later.  I have been awake since three with the message/song “say something I’m giving up on you” rolling around my head. What pity the words fall on deaf ears only later to come back and haunt this character.

We all miss opportunities in life when things could have been steered in new directions, when people could have chosen not to glance over what was there all along. Guess that whats makes the journey we are on a free one. One that we can choose to be blind to, one that we can choose to explore, one that we can choose to change.

Well the coffee is made and the writer is ready ………… the best part the blinds are open and in a few hours I will get to watch the sun kiss the sky.

Enjoy your day everyone.


As they truly are


hidden jewelTime to stop viewing people as we think they should be.

Time to stop believe they are the image we create them to be.

Time to let go of what you want and rather let them be who they are

Time for judgement to be thrown away, it was never yours to give anyway

Time for the finger to no longer be pointed unless you point it at yourself.


Is it not time for you to see the person for who they truly are?


Why do you look for some thing that is not there?

Why do you choose to make choices for them?

Why do place your label upon them?

Why are they not what you want them to be?

Are they not good enough being them?

October Moon

October Moon


Is it not time for you to see the person for who they truly are?


Disappointed because they don’t live to your imagery.

Disappointed because they don’t share your view.

Disappointed because they are them and not you.

Disappointed about how you now judge.

Disappointed that you missed so much, being to blind to see.


Is it not time for you to see the person for who they truly are?


Perhaps this time you can see the person for who they truly are.

Perhaps now you are no longer blind.

Perhaps you now have a choice to be you while they be them.

Perhaps now your judgement is gone.

Perhaps now you can be friends.


Now the shackles of your projections  have gone.

Finally it’s time and you can see the person for who they truly are.

art work by Pam Barry

art work by Pam Barry

The addiction that grows


WritingI woke one morning not all that long ago and just knew that I had to get up and do what needed to be done.

I woke with a firm idea and action plan. I thought this is a crazy concept, perhaps it may just flow and work. Since that day the addiction has grown and shows no sign of stopping. From a concept, to a mind map, characters have developed, chapters have been written. And the waking hours are far to short so I get up earlier and feed the addiction.

Why because it wakes me from my sleep. This morning it woke at me 3am. I lay in bed and the vision of todays chapter formulated in my head. I knew the character and and how they would enter into the story.  Now I find myself developing the sub plot of this characters journey and even though I look at the time and think of what I should be doing I find myself refusing to budge.


Sorry kids you have to get your own dinner tonight is what I want to say.

Perhaps the washing will get its self off the line, or fingers crossed the thunderstorm heading this way just vanishes.

Good thing hubby just brought me a frozen coke there is enough sugar in that to keep me going until late tonight.

So the addiction grows the more I write the more I need to keep writing. Earnest Hemingway said it best “There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at the typewrite and bleed.”

Hubby can cook tonight for my bum is firmly planted on the chair and my fingers are dancing across the keyboard as I develop, explore and create the next chapter of an extraordinary journey.

all things change

change is beauty

change is beauty

The equinox is here again and as the wheel turns all things change. Be it spring for those in the north or autumn for those in the south one this is for sure, the days are now changing. Its time to embrace the cycles of life as the year moves forward.

For me personal I love the change in seasons, I love the nights becoming cooler and the days becoming short, of course I love the flip side of it as well when come background to warmth and long nights. Yet as I bid goodbye to summers warm kiss this year I find myself falling in love even more with the beauty of longer nights. Not because I feel I can sleep more in fact quiet the opposite. I feel have more time for me. Now as the sun takes longer to break the night sky I find myself rising earlier so I can embrace the beauty before dawn. It inspires me, it nourishes me and I find that the words I write in my conversation hour flow at a quicker pace, freely and effortlessly.  This time of year is seeing me fall in love with the words on the page, not just what I have written but of those that have been written by others I am inspired by the journey they have taken and the change they have allowed to flow in their lives in when they have wanted for life to stop and they let them off the crazy ride.

Tha autumn equinox like that of the spring brings a day of balance where day and night reside equally. For both its a time of being thankful and being balanced. If you are in the north you are about to welcome more daylight and this brings about it fun and play, times of new growth is there not only in your gardens but in your life. It’s a time for fertility of ideas and creativity. Now is the time for positive change. Go with it allow the energy to flow and bring abundance your way. For those of us in the south right now look at all you have been able to achieve of the warmer months, look at how your life has grown and taken leaps forward. Allow yourself to acknowledge everything you have completed. Be thankful for what you have achieved, as the nights begin to take hold you will be able to sit back and enjoy your bounty. Its a time to sit for moment and reflect ensuring that you bring your body into balance. When you align with the change in season and the balance of light and dark you allow for new opportunities to be revealed both for those in the north and southern hemisphere.

Each new season brings about subtle adjustments to the way we live even down to the food we eat. For me I am bidding farewell for now to lush summer fruits, mangoes, peaches and nectarines and welcoming hearty pears and apples. My evening meal is warmer, my children love to eat soup with thick crusty bread. Roast dinners with root vegetables will start to make their way onto our plates. My children are asking for a jumper as they greet the crisp morning air. Today as we step outside just before the sun was up we watch the beauty of a hot-air balloon take in the glory of the waking day. Oh how I love the changes all around right now.

What ever season you are heading into what ever change is embracing your life right now, know that it’s all apart of the where you are meant to be. Live now in the present moment rather than wishing for a different time. Allow the natural cycles of life to envelope you and take you where you need to go, don’t fight against change its going to happen allow it to. As the year moves on so do we, how hard this change becomes is down to how much we are prepared to let go, embrace, and accept that all things change.

Josephine Wall Breath of Gaia

Josephine Wall Breath of Gaia

Conversation Hour


Seems that the world is only ever going to allow me 24 hours in the day when I feel like I need 48 or even 72 hours to get all I want done. Why is that there never seems conversationsto be enough time?

Well for me it because I can be a great procrastinate when I chose to be and that I also have so many creative ideas going at once that my time can get wasted jumping from one direction to another never completing anything.

So I have chosen to narrow the focus so that I can then expand my horizon, yes I know sounds a little backwards. However for my mind I need to focus solely on one creative project at time. I am still working on all of them, just narrowing to focus to daily individual devotion to each project. So I have now I have set up a timetable as to what I will be working on each day and at what time. For creative people this can be a daunting task, taking away the pure spontaneity of creation and deliberating focusing on it can for some seem to stifle the creative flow.  For me it has seen a growth in productivity.

It has also allowed me to clarify the direction of each project. Setting clear goals and deadlines. One of my biggest projects is a book series I am working on, while it has been floundering in the background for some time it is now full speed ahead with November 2014 as the deadline to have it completed, edited and art work done…. I never like to take on small projects.

At a writers workshop I attended a few years ago Lucy Cavendish advised everyone there  that the most important part of writing was to ‘show up’. If you showed up and wrote one full-page a day at the end of the year you would have a book with 365 pages in it. makes perfect sense when you look at it that way. So for the last few weeks I have been committed to showing up and writing a page a day. I call it my conversation hour. I have the conversation with the characters and their journey and you know what we have a great time.

Now I know I am expecting a lot and some may say setting my sights a little too high. Well while I understand that life happens and if need be time frames will shift. However as some who knows how easy it is to procrastinate I believe that some of us… a lot of us choose to let life happen and let it get in the way… after all we all look for a way out of doing things at some stage don’t we. So I have new-found determination to not allow trivial life moments and other people’s drama to hinder the progress.

My conversation hour will go on and on untill the project is finished, after all its only 1 out of the 24 hours I have been given each day to use as effectively I want to.

What will your 24 hours allow you to achieve ???   Life is magic