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Conversation Hour


Seems that the world is only ever going to allow me 24 hours in the day when I feel like I need 48 or even 72 hours to get all I want done. Why is that there never seems conversationsto be enough time?

Well for me it because I can be a great procrastinate when I chose to be and that I also have so many creative ideas going at once that my time can get wasted jumping from one direction to another never completing anything.

So I have chosen to narrow the focus so that I can then expand my horizon, yes I know sounds a little backwards. However for my mind I need to focus solely on one creative project at time. I am still working on all of them, just narrowing to focus to daily individual devotion to each project. So I have now I have set up a timetable as to what I will be working on each day and at what time. For creative people this can be a daunting task, taking away the pure spontaneity of creation and deliberating focusing on it can for some seem to stifle the creative flow.  For me it has seen a growth in productivity.

It has also allowed me to clarify the direction of each project. Setting clear goals and deadlines. One of my biggest projects is a book series I am working on, while it has been floundering in the background for some time it is now full speed ahead with November 2014 as the deadline to have it completed, edited and art work done…. I never like to take on small projects.

At a writers workshop I attended a few years ago Lucy Cavendish advised everyone there  that the most important part of writing was to ‘show up’. If you showed up and wrote one full-page a day at the end of the year you would have a book with 365 pages in it. makes perfect sense when you look at it that way. So for the last few weeks I have been committed to showing up and writing a page a day. I call it my conversation hour. I have the conversation with the characters and their journey and you know what we have a great time.

Now I know I am expecting a lot and some may say setting my sights a little too high. Well while I understand that life happens and if need be time frames will shift. However as some who knows how easy it is to procrastinate I believe that some of us… a lot of us choose to let life happen and let it get in the way… after all we all look for a way out of doing things at some stage don’t we. So I have new-found determination to not allow trivial life moments and other people’s drama to hinder the progress.

My conversation hour will go on and on untill the project is finished, after all its only 1 out of the 24 hours I have been given each day to use as effectively I want to.

What will your 24 hours allow you to achieve ???   Life is magic




confused2Yesterday I had two people very close to me in my life use the word Discombobulated. They both used it in correct syntax and both described different turns of events. The first one described the physical discombobulated state of some one lost and confused as to their surroundings. While the second one described the mental state of frustration and confusion as to how they felt due to events unfolding around them.

The urban dictionary defines Discombobulate  as ‘One of those rare and wonderful words that means exactly what it sounds like. There is no word more onomatopoeic to confusion than discombobulate’.

It got me thinking why they chose to use this word rather than simply state confusion as the final outcome to what was happening. It certainly emphasised their position on the subject matter and to be honest made me laugh when it was used more than once that day. Not a word I would imagine many people throw into their daily conversations often.

Then it got me thinking how many people out there feel discombobulated? In everyday life how many people are walking around not knowing how they are feeling. So many people are unable to articulate  their feelings clearly. In some case when they try to explain these feelings they then leave the listener can feel confused. Can one really nail down the exact emotion of the events that have left them feeling discombobulated?

How many people are walking around not knowing which direction they are heading in life, aimlessly following the crowd rather than walking their own path. Just doing what the norm is. Not able to define the direction they want to head in. Then they wake up one day and think how did I get here? How did my life turn out this way? By this time they are so discombobulated that they don’t know how to get onto their path.

How sad to think that many of us at some stage in our life feel totally discombobulated so it got me thinking well what is the  antonym to this discombobulation? I was then feeling discombobulated myself as there are no antonyms. Can we not be the opposite of confused? surely not! Here are a few near antonyms offered by one dictionary : reassure, satisfy, enlighten, inform. Seriously slim pickings there.

However if you want a synonym for this word you have many to choose from :  adrift, addle, baffle, befuddle, bemused, bewilder, confound, confuse, disorient, fuddled, muddle, mystify, perplex, puzzle, vex. The list can go on and on, my personal favourites are bamboozled and flummox.

So now that I have had chance to digest the word discombobulated I plan to try to not use it, without a positive alternative I confuseddon’t wish to inject it into my conversations…. yet part of me just loves the word and the way it sounds when used correctly… perhaps the positive is the smile it brought to my face yesterday when used so often.

My final thoughts on discombobulated ….. it’s a fun word that I hope none of you feel or find yourself in that state to often.


Deaf Words Bite Back


How many times have you spoken to your children about getting things done on time only to think it has fallen on deaf ears? I have lost count, no matter how many times I say don’t put it off get it done now, I know that the morning their assignment for school is due they will hit me with an extra bit of work that is needed.

Don’t get me wrong I sit and help my children get through their work but there is always a bit of the puzzle they leave to the last minute and then it’s a mad rush in the house. Everyone starts to feel the pressure and again I hear my self say “Next time don’t leave things to the last minute it won’t finish its self.”

We have all been there with our children doing this mad dash, repeating the same sentence over and over again thinking when will this sink in…… “tidy your room, pick up your shoes, put your bag away, wash your hands….etc” these words just fall on deaf ears…. Or do they?

Just the other week while working on my sociology essay I took a break and while still sitting at the computer I was playing the dreaded Candy Crush, yes I know…. I can hear the “oh dear” from here. Then Master 11 walks past the room and I put my phone down, Candy Crush screen still open on it. He pipes up and says “really mum that 2000 words essay is not going to write its self!” Gobsmacked would be the word I would use to describe my reaction, firstly because he said it and then because my words that I thought had fallen on deaf ears had sank in!

Fast forward another week and Master 11 is doing his assignment, with only three days left to finish it he is busy playing. I walked over to him and asked how it was going and yes those words had hit home “I know mum it won’t do its self!” for the next two days he worked diligently on it and all was completed with no drama and no fuss.

So perhaps it’s not that the words don’t get heard perhaps it is rather that they are hollow words unless they see them in action from a parent. Perhaps they need to see the effect of those words on others for them to be understood. Either way I know now that the words are being heard and that they do listen and when you least expect it them may just bite you back!