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Ticker box syndrome



do you fit

do you fit

I am not one who likes to follow conventional rules I never have been. I have always found it annoying that I need to certain things so that I can be viewed correctly by societies standards. I call it the ticker box syndrome just my spin on it. You know were you just have to go through the motions and get that boxed ticked so that you fit the picture of what people want so you can move forward in life.

Recently a friend and I had to visit Centerlink for government assistance, she had just lost her job and required help. Her circumstances certainly explained why her job had to go. Yet upon filling out all the questions with the worker at the office you just knew that a computer program was sorting her into a category regardless of her circumstance which were too out of the box for it to deal with. The end result we will help you but ……….. Yes she now has to tick a few more boxes and wont receive the true help she needs. However speaking of her current situation it is clear for the world to see that it is rather unusual and thankful does not happen all the time. Even the lady processing her claim admitted that she would be much better on a different payment but she lack a piece of paper to allow the computer system to tick that box.

Take the person who has so much life experience to offer in certain field of work, they are clearly a person who is truly capable of completing the tasks required but

because they don’t have the degree required they don’t tick the box so no job for them. Class room theory out ways real life experience. We may as well be playing Monopoly where one pulls the jail card ‘go not pass go, go directly to jail, do not collect $200’.

My son has trouble getting the written word down so exams that are written for him are not going to allow him to show his understanding, rather they just cause stress

no passing go for you

no passing go for you

and eventually a melt down. However asking him the question and he can articulate the answer, yet that doesn’t tick the box so no passing go and collecting $200 for him either.

What about the person who nearly makes the marks to gain entry to university to follow their passion but not quite there sorry yet again while it’s your passion the bell curve you score was graded on said NO. But that’s okay we will let the person in who really has no passion for this and is just heading to university because society says that’s what we should do.

And never mind if you have a dream that is not quite what people think you can be achieved. Simply the answer is no, you can’t achieve that until you do this, that and this and then only the lucky can do that. What if you actually can do it and don’t need this and that ? You still have to tick the boxes.

Ticker boxes I don’t like them on forms, and I don’t like fitting the mould that people think one should be. I am me and my situation, passions and experience are uniquely mine. No one else shares them so how to they fit a generic box.

So let’s stop the mentality that we all need to fit a certain way, follow a conventional path to achieve our dreams. I am not asking for anarchy were there are no rules I am asking for common sense we each person is valued for the individuality and all they can offer. Everyone has strengths and weakness why do we not allow people to play their strengths? Let’s be smart about this, a tick box is a way of saying ‘I don’t have to think about it you don’t get a tick so you don’t fit.’  It takes the human brain out of the decision making process. Are we not capable of rational common sense thought, do we not have empathy can allow us to see when a situation needs to be addressed in a different manner.


Ban the tick box and celebrate who we are !

Be you

Be you