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I forgive you

I forgive you

I forgive you

I am writing this while it is still raw so excuse the errrors I may make. I need to do this before I sleep tonight, I need to release this so I will just write and may the words fall the way they are needed for all. I am letting go and sending you love while I do I send the love to your family.


I know I was harsh when you came tonight. I had a raw nerve that I thought I had long dealt with. I may have not welcomed you with open arms as you hesitate to speak I am sorry.

You going left a massive wound one that is not easy to repair. A void that people struggle to know how to fill.

That night, that day was and still is vivid in my mind, tonight it all came flooding back and I found the tears stream down my face. You made me cry in front of hundreds of people tonight, not an easy task as you would know.

I know you struggled and the signs we saw, I am sorry I didn’t act on them but I am not sure it would have kept you here anyway.

I find myself now sitting here crying again because you gave back tonight, I am crying because I see your face, your body there. I am crying because I can’t fill the void it left your family and they miss you so much. I am crying because you gave me permission to heal and to let go. I am crying because you had the courage to step on the stage even when I treated you harshly.

Your words of acknowledgement, thanks and love touched my heart. It means a lot to me that you understood and saw what was happening at the time. That first 24hours rocked the worlds of many to the core. I want you to know I was happy to be there to support. To hold her hand and yours. I want you to know she still hates the way I make tea. I am glad you could see the loved that surrounded you even if it was too late for the physical world.

I guess what I need you to know is I forgive you.

Please thank the loved one in spirit who brought you there tonight. I know that my family and two beautiful souls who passed after you orchestrated tonight to allow this healing to take place. I will always hold a place for you in my heart and I will pass your message on to her as soon as dawn breaks.

With all my heart may you now be in peace and until we talk again




A special thanks to Greta and Lisa without you both this would not have happened.