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Always look on the bright side of life


brighterlifeWhile out with a friend of mine today she mentioned how my posts on social media have been positive, no negativity at all. I replied yep can’t be bothered to share negativity. I explained that yes I have bad moments in the day it’s not happy smily 24/7. Yet really is Facebook  or other media areas the place to air the dirty laundry and she agreed it’s not. She herself is not one to put negativity out there into the world of social media.

To me and to many others who just don’t say it Facebook and other social medial outlets are not the place to air your daily dummy-spits or let off steam about small things like breaking a nail. I am not saying don’t let of a little steam now and then, by all means post away. For some, there is some great advice given.  I am talking more about the posts that are a perpetual cycle of “my life sux!” it  just becomes BORING especially if you don’t actively participate in making changes for the better. I actually am not that interested in what happened in your day. I know that’s harsh, and before you complain hear me out.


  1. You have had a bad day….. so has the rest of the world at some stage, I don’t want to hear about it …..instead tell me what went RIGHT!
  2. You can’t buy the dress/perfume/bag/tv whatever you want……………… be thankful you can buy food.
  3. You are having a fight……………….be thankful you have voice ……………and chose to walk away from relationships that don’t work.
  4. You are not happy with your weight………………. be thankful you have the power to change it.
  5. You are not happy with your job …………….be thankful you can change that.
  6. You are not happy with the world in general………….. look harder there is a reason to be thankful you just glanced over it or chose to ignore it.

I teach my children to tell me what they are thankful for each day. They wake and love the day they are entering into. Yes they have bad days we all do, yet at the end of the day I ask them what has made them happy today. Most times my 7 years old replies “you mummy, and daddy and the whole family”. Master 11 who is a little more wise to the hurt that can be found in the world will start with telling me what went wrong. I don’t shut him down for this I simply ask ok …… “tell me what went right for you today?” and yes something always goes right no matter how bad the day.

Am I saying you wont have really bad dark days? NO! hell no we have all had them. The difference is in how we chose to share these days and little hiccups in your day don’t need to make social media headlines. Have I posted stuff that I later regret yes, show me someone who hasn’t, but we can choose to make a more conscious effort this think before we write or speak.

so to end I want to share a motto for life with you all.




Challenge the habit


Over the school holidays my eldest son has added the word funny and like to just about every sentence he says, instead of using um…. Err…. and…. he has unconsciously added these words. Sometimes they are in totally context others times they so out-of-place.belief

Somehow this has now become a habit and without wanting to sound hurtful in correcting him I have simply asked him to define funny and like and how they relate to the sentence and story he is telling me. I have asked him what other worlds he feels may be a better fit at times as well. I don’t want to encourage umm…. err …. and ….so I have also asked that he slow down and think about what message he wants to convey before speaking.

Watching him learn to undo the habit and replace it with a new thought process had me thinking about all the little things we do unconsciously that have become habits, some possible help us get through our day while others do not serve us well at all, some just seem to have crept up on us.

I know I am not alone when I say that Facebook on my phone can be an become an addictive habit, checking when I wake, over lunch, while watching TV before bed. Some of my friends have recently undertaken a challenge to only use Facebook when at their desk computer and have since remove the app from their phone. So I thought it would be FUN to write down all the things that could be achieved by removing Facebook from ones phone.

Family – amazing how much time we spend looking at a phone ignoring those that truly matter.

Awareness – meditate, relax and become aware of you and the real world you live in.

Cooking – imagine being able to enjoy doing this because you have time on your side.

Exercise – no excuses now you have more time and there is energy to burn.

Books – reading it’s amazing what reading a good book can do for the soul.

Organise – where can you make life more efficient for you (mine is my study schedule).

Obliterate – determination now to remove other worthless habits (we all have a few I am sure).

Kip – Imagine being able to fall asleep without a status update in your mind.

habitMy friends are doing a one month challenge with this to see how it changes their lives. What habit can you remove for one month to see how it changes your life? And once its change will you take the habit back up again or gain a new thought process that is for the better?