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Nothing is impossible

Devine Time

Devine Time

‘Trust in the Divine presence of timing’ a short little sentence that has filled every dream that came to me last night. A nice little reminder to me to have the trust needed; to move forward without placing obstacles in the way.

Obstacles that we all throw at ourselves every now and then. You know the one that we throw most Self doubt.

So my many dreams last night I am sure where to remind me of how to keep that obstacle at bay. Let the ego rack off since that’s where most obstacles come from and just move forward even if it is only one step at a time.

But why the self-doubt, what was plaguing my mind. Simple really financial issues. It has always been my weakness, even when I am feeling like all is going smoothly in life. The slightest hiccup with finances years ago saw me crumble. I have come along way since then and now don’t allow lack of money to interrupt the daily joy of life. Yet after 8 weeks of my husband not working it was starting to creep up on me. I know where we stand financial right now and we are by no means broke. However I also know how long the money we have left will last and it can be counted in days and weeks not months and years like I would like it to be.

Financial self-doubt was creeping up again, getting ready to raise its ugly head. Well sorry ego I have other planes and it doesn’t involve crumbling at this little hiccup. So last night in my dreams the message over and over again as my subconscious leapt from one dream to another was :

Trust in the Divine presence of timing

And this I plan to do. It doesn’t mean sitting here waiting for the knock at the door and it all changes it means being proactive in life. Too many people think that they can wish it or manifest it by simply sitting there wanting it bad enough. NO! You can’t to gain anything in life by wanting it bad enough. You must be an active participant in life and go out and take action to allow it happen. Divine timing will open the door at the right time, but that wont be your front door it be one of the doors you knock on.

If you follow these simple principle manifesting what you need is achievable:chase the dream

Firstly address your thought process,

  • Negative thoughts allow for continued negativity in your life.
  • Positive thoughts allow for continued positivity in your life.
  • Change your thoughts change your life.

Secondly get clear about what you want and why

  • A million dollars is fine to want but why do you want it, do you truly need it to be happy.
  • Health, happiness and harmony have so much more value than a million dollars.

Thirdly be clear how you ask for it

  • Debt free sure;  Bankruptcy can get you debt free. Or do you want that or the ability to pay off your debt with ease ?
  • If you want a new job no problem, do you need to lose it first, or transition smoothly into a new one?

Fourthly be prepared to work towards the goal, participate and create momentum for it to flow towards you.

  • If you want a new home, you need to be working out the budget, saving extra if needed, get your old home ready for sale,  you are not Dorothy and it wont just fall out of the sky.
  • After the love of your life, they are not knocking at your front door either, so if you stay home and don’t go out socializing they are not showing up. Get out of your comfort zone.
  • New career, but no skills or qualifications in it, well then open the text-book, enrol in the course get working towards it.

Finally never let the obstacles hold you back

  • Be persistent don’t give up because the first door didn’t open, it wasnt meant to, you are meant to keep going, Trust in the Divine presence of timing.

    nothing is impossible

    nothing is impossible

  • When others say you can’t let them know I can and I will.
  • Know you can achieve it. Believe in the power of you.
  • Be thankful for the process Attitude of gratitude.
  • Dont fear change Live without regret.



Climb the dream


dream treeIn the backyard sat a large tree.

So tall it almost reach the sky.

Louis sat down underneath it and said “ one day I will be able to climb”.

He sat there and dreamt of climbing that tree.

He dreamt and he dreamt of what an amazing day it would.


The years rolled on and time slipped by.

Louis soon forgot the dream to climb.

Instead his days became filled with this and that.

He filled them with work and filled them with that.

Untill one day not so long ago he ventured back  home.


Upon arrival he looked around so many memories so profound.

Louis stepped outside and looked up to the sky the tree was still and still ever so high.

He sat down below in and remembered the dream he had as a child.

Slow he stood and question why, why oh why had he never climbed.


So with new determination he reached for a branch.beleive

He grabbed and held on tight and lifted himself up with all his might.

He climb and climbed.

Reaching higher and higher.


When finally at the top he look around and survayed all he could see.

The world was a very different place from up in this tree.

Instead of why not he suddenly though I can.

Instead of why me he thought yes me.


From the top of the tree dreams came rushing back.

The ability to achieve all that he wanted to be.

He stayed for hours as enjoyed the view.


And as the sun set he climbed back down.

He thank himself for the joy he had found.

From climbing the tree had set him free.

Now life would now be what he wanted it to be.


From that day forth Louis never gave up on a dream.childhood dreams

Most importantly he taught his children the power of achieving their dreams.

So while the tree still stands tall in the backyard.

The children climb and realise the dream.

They are free to live a life just as beautiful as the tree.

Inspiration comes from………………..


inspirationWow must have been the most restless sleep I have had in a long time. My shoulder had been hurting all day so I was after a good night’s sleep and that’s not what I got. Instead I was woken so many times, once by son who had a bad dream and then the rest of the night by pain and inspiration.

Several times I woke thinking stupid shoulder and tossed and turned to get comfy again, but as I tossed and turned thoughts ran through my semi-conscious mind. Silly thoughts like what to wear when I wake …. Seriously how about I stay in bed all day….. To write this down it will be good….. Write what down I asked my mind??? Just let me sleep how about that!

No sleep was not something my mind had in store for me so I lay there and watched and listened to the words that flowed through my head. At one stage I was tempted to get up and write them down, but the want to be tucked up in bed kept me there.

Finally I drifted off to sleep, and when I woke to my surprise I remember the words that floated through my head in those early hours.  So this time I got out of bed and wrote them down, without questioning without out looking over it ……. At the end of writing I had written two pages.

Two pages of what totally ramblings smacked together? I sat back and reread what I wrote. I have to say at this time I was smiling like a Cheshire cat!!! In amongst the rambling words were several book ideas.  I have always held the desire to write for children and in there on those two pages where the ideas for the books.

So silly shoulder pain I thank you! The tossing and turning you caused help start a creative journey this morning. Where will it lead I have no idea yet ……one thing I am sure of is that the first solid steps on the journey wmageshave started and all I need do now is keep walking, or should I say writing.

So inspiration comes from ………….. My guess it comes from the time and place that you least expect it. Inspiration asks you to step onto a journey of discovery, to let it lead and guide you and to perhaps push you along the way.

Wish I had, Wish I could, Wish I didn’t


Life is full of boundless opportunities and yet we so often walk past them, never taking the chance. We let so many things slip by that often we end up looking back with wishful thinking

Wish I had………..……..

Wish I could……………..

Wish I didn’t……….…….

Unfortunately most of us follow-up this with

It’s too late now to …………………………

Believing that change cannot happen. That we have left the run far too late to achieve anything we may have wished we did. Or to make the change on what we wish we didn’t, leaving us with a life of regret.

The biggest issue of life that is full of wishes is that there is usually then a pattern of a life with no action.  One cannot achieve anything unless they are willing to participate in life and take action upon the wish.

So what if we could? What if it’s no too late and we can still reach the dreams we set ourselves, what if we can change the aspects we don’t want anymore?  What if the opportunity that once presented shows up again, maybe in a slightly different format, will you walk past it or reach out and take it with both hands?

Simply the choice will be yours….. and it will come down to how passionate you are about achieving the dream and how willing you are to work at achieving it. There are no fairy godmothers waving wands that turn pumpkins into carriages. Yet surround yourself with the right people and you will find a fairy godmother in the words of encouragement you receive along the way.

wishitMake the wish become the dream and let the dream become the reality. Just because you walked past the opportunity once doesn’t not mean it’s lost. You may not be able to capture every lost wish, and you may not want to. However if the wish is big enough, stop wishing it away and take action to bring it to reality. Taking small steps will eventually lead to leaps forward and a wish realised.

Stepping Stones


“A Bag of Tools”

Isn’t it strange that princes and kings,
And clowns that caper in sawdust rings,
And common people like you and me,
Are builders for eternity?

Each is given a bag of tools,
A shapeless mass, a book of rules;
And each must make- ere life is flown-
A stumbling block, or a stepping stone.

by R Lee Sharpe

To me this poem sums it all up, we are each creators of our eternity, no matter what start one have been given in this life the choice is ours to make, we are able to define who we are, how we shall live and who we share our life with.

Will the journey always be easy, fun, simple of course not, there will be many a bumpy road, set back, tears and tantrums; yet amongst this there will be moments of absolute bliss, euphoria and triumph.

Some will make it to the finish line of life happy with what they have achieve and others will get there and look back wish they have done something more. Each will have accomplished what they were prepared to put into life, nothing more, no need for regret as at that time it just is what it is.

But what if one is looking back now and wishing they had done more,  time travel at this stage is not on option so the past remains the same, however today and tomorrow can contain so much more if that is what one wants to give to life.

For me I looked back at the year that has been and I am happy that I took the time to look back. While I loved most of what I saw there was a big yucky feeling surround some things I saw, and when I looked forward I could see that nothing was going to change unless I was prepared to step up and give more. So in May this year I made my choice that no longer would I work in the daily grind of 9-5 (or in my case 7.30-3.30), I had to leave my financial security to allow myself and my family to flourish.

Scary choice for me, as it would be for most, financial security or lack thereof it scars the crap out of me but for the sake of my youngest child things needed to change. Thankfully my partner is very supportive; while it has been a massive adjustment to just one wage we are already seeing the dividends role in with a happier, healthy and balanced family life and two very happy children.

The bonus of this choice to change and give more to life is that now I am able to finally further my study allowing me to carve out the career I am passionate about, helping others, helping children to see their full potential. Helping them create their dream and set out to achieve it.

So starts Stepping Stones, Dare to Dream, Believe, Create and Succeed.Fotor0100313461