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Climb the dream


dream treeIn the backyard sat a large tree.

So tall it almost reach the sky.

Louis sat down underneath it and said “ one day I will be able to climb”.

He sat there and dreamt of climbing that tree.

He dreamt and he dreamt of what an amazing day it would.


The years rolled on and time slipped by.

Louis soon forgot the dream to climb.

Instead his days became filled with this and that.

He filled them with work and filled them with that.

Untill one day not so long ago he ventured back  home.


Upon arrival he looked around so many memories so profound.

Louis stepped outside and looked up to the sky the tree was still and still ever so high.

He sat down below in and remembered the dream he had as a child.

Slow he stood and question why, why oh why had he never climbed.


So with new determination he reached for a branch.beleive

He grabbed and held on tight and lifted himself up with all his might.

He climb and climbed.

Reaching higher and higher.


When finally at the top he look around and survayed all he could see.

The world was a very different place from up in this tree.

Instead of why not he suddenly though I can.

Instead of why me he thought yes me.


From the top of the tree dreams came rushing back.

The ability to achieve all that he wanted to be.

He stayed for hours as enjoyed the view.


And as the sun set he climbed back down.

He thank himself for the joy he had found.

From climbing the tree had set him free.

Now life would now be what he wanted it to be.


From that day forth Louis never gave up on a dream.childhood dreams

Most importantly he taught his children the power of achieving their dreams.

So while the tree still stands tall in the backyard.

The children climb and realise the dream.

They are free to live a life just as beautiful as the tree.


School year begins


schoolAnd so beings the start of another school year, my boys are growing up fast one in his last year of primary school the other in year 2. Last year was trying school year to say the least, while my children had great teachers they both struggled with social issues. My eldest due to the school yard bully and my youngest due to just being him I guess.

Before leave for school today Master 7 came to realization that this would be the last school year for quite some time that he would be attending the same school as his brother. Next year Master 11 ventures off to High School. Master 7 was starting to panic you could see it in his eyes.

He turned to me and said “who will look after me in the playground, who will stop the bullies?”

I replied “you will be fine and it’s a year away so no need to worry about it.”

Not satisfied he proceeded to explain how his stomach was feeling funny, how it felt like it was jumping inside.

Again I calmed him down “they are just nerves of excitement.”

We managed to get over this; but still like so many parents in Sydney today when dropping my children at school this morning. I did so with fingers and toes crossed that this year would be a great school year.

3pm rolls around and there I am waiting at the gate for them both to tell me about their day. They both walk towards me with smiles on their face… and I breathe a sigh of relief day one down only how many more to go?

Much to Master 11 delight he has the same teacher as last year. The boys in his class are all his friends and his bully from last year is in a different class. Yippee we have a winner here.

Master 7 has his best friend in his class, this may be a good or bad thing but he is happy and that’s what counts. His teacher is nice and she can be quiet firm something he needs so I am happy.

So as we jump in the car to drive home they both then hit me with how the bully from last year is at it again during playtime. Sigh perhaps it was too good to be true, until……………

Master 7 “I played with the bully at playtime.”

Me “what he let you play…. Did he let you play I ask his bother?”bully

Master 11 “no he is up to his same old tricks.”

Master 7 “that’s ok I just told the teacher.”

Master 11 “yes the bully knows that he will be told on each time now.”

Me “So Master 7 he was okay with you playing?”

Master 7 “no but I don’t care he is not in charge and I will tell on him every day.”

I sat in the car getting ready to drive away, I know I should show restrain and just say some nice practical parenting advice to them, but I can’t, and I can not hide how happy I am about this turn of events.

“Hi Five Master 7 you handed it to him!”

I drive away feeling guilty for feeling so happy that the bully was handed it to him by my 7-year-old. Yet at the end of the day I am happy he did it! I very proud of how my 7-year-old who this morning feared being bullied stood up and showed that he was not going to be pushed over by child who thinks they are better than everyone else.

So the year began with everyone happy, well maybe the bully was not too happy but ……….

The year still began with everyone Happy at this house.happy

Believe in your rainbow


I am always inspired when I see people take a chance and make a change in their life. The courage it takes to step out from dark clouds and basking in their own rainbow leaves me filled with happiness and admiration for that person.

It’s often not easy to step out of what seems to be a perpetual cycle of darkness, bad decision-making, heartbreak, financial woes, self-doubt, blame games and internal conflict. Yet it can be done, the first step however is to see the pattern.  If you feel like you are constantly being tested time and time again then there is a pattern to the choices that have been made over and over again. The great news you don’t have to make the same choice ever again.

The next step is to stop the blame game, stop blaming everyone else around you for were you are, stop blaming yourself for were you are, stop yelling at god the universe whoever, and instead take ownership of the current situation. The moment you stop blaming is the moment that you take charge. When has yelling at anyone including yourself every made you feel better about what is going on? Beating yourself up about mistakes only rainbowserves to lower your self-esteem it’s not healthy so STOP!

Once you have taken ownership of the situation you then have given yourself the power to change it!! The power to step away, to move forward, to make change for the better, the power to be YOU!

Grab hold of that power and make the changes you need. Stumbling blocks may appear along the way that’s okay …. Instead of feeling down about them, view them as stepping-stones or a time to rest. Sometimes we need to stop and look back to see just how far we have come. When you are feeling down look up and see the rainbow as you move the dark clouds away.

For my sister who has just stepped into her own rainbow, betting the last money in her wallet to take a chance and make a change. You are my inspiration today, and I say to her and all others wanting to make a change and needing the courage to do it.

Believe in the Power of You, because soon others will see it too!