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The writer is ready


writingSo I know I need to keep going however I am not sure how much coffee the human body can consume in one day and still remain with the ability to function. A friend suggested energy drinks but YUK I can even stand the smell of them. I am hopeful that my body will eventually understand that the standard 3 am wake up is so I can play through the next chapter in my mind before getting out of bed an hour or so later to write it.

Todays chapter is a hard one, for me it shows the first signs that we understand later one were missed. My main character is to young and to see if yet but what she misses now will bring it crashing down around her later.  I have been awake since three with the message/song “say something I’m giving up on you” rolling around my head. What pity the words fall on deaf ears only later to come back and haunt this character.

We all miss opportunities in life when things could have been steered in new directions, when people could have chosen not to glance over what was there all along. Guess that whats makes the journey we are on a free one. One that we can choose to be blind to, one that we can choose to explore, one that we can choose to change.

Well the coffee is made and the writer is ready ………… the best part the blinds are open and in a few hours I will get to watch the sun kiss the sky.

Enjoy your day everyone.