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Live now


each moment

Today is taking place right now, in this very hour, minuet, second, and as the hand on the clock moves forward it will never happen again. Live for now, not what has been and not what could be.


Live in the moment

The stressors of our lives very rarely last for long periods of time, it is a fleeting thought, conversation or event that can uproot our daily routine and send us into a state of anxiety, stress, shock and disarray. They of course can have a lingering after effect on our daily lives and the way in which must adapt and move about in them. Yet the event has been and gone and now we are left with that needs to be done to move forward.

So should we just choose to let go and never look back, I don’t believe so. I think that for most of us to ask this of us would only induce more stress. However with time the magnitude of some events can diminish and we can indeed move forward freely without their impact. What about the fleeting thought, that is something that we have capacity to change in that very moment. We have the power to stop mid thought and change the direction of it, yet do we? Again for the most of us no we do not and we allow it to set off a chain reaction of other thoughts that can impinge on our perception of life and what it is and how it could be. A conversation can never be had again so it choose words wisely before you speak with a forked-tongue. I know when I feel angry upset or hurt I have adopted the mindset of ‘are my words truthful are the productive or am I lashing out as I feel out of control’ if I answer yes to the last part then my words stay put and are not spoken.

What about those of us who stressors are in the future of what could be? Well it may never be. The future is always that the future. Smart planning in our lives can certainly help reduce the stress of the unknown. Obviously the choice you make today can affect some parts of your future. Never saving can affect your ability to fee financial secure. Not have goals or aspirations can leave you feeling like you are floundering. (Though some people are happy to wander and discover all they need as they do). One thing however to be taken into account is that nobody is guaranteed their future, it is a gift. Right now you are all guaranteed to simply have now this moment.

Few can claim to live a totally stress free life, yet many more can reduce the stress in their life if they chose to live for now. A shift in focus to the now can bring about new clear thoughts. We can allow ourselves to enjoy the moment rather than allow hurt from the past or fear of the future to rob us of this time. Regret comes from not living life.Everyone will die yet not everyone lives.

Right now in this moment chose to live. Choose to not allow the past or future to rob you of the present.







Stop for a moment


rest4awhileBeyond the hectic pace of life there lies a time in the day, I am sure its different for all of us where we get to catch our breath and rest. Even if only for a second or two we get a moment in time that belongs to us and not the world outside.

It is in this time that we can stand still and see the day for how it was, or how we want it to be. We can see ourselves for all we have achieve and what is left to be done. It is not a time to beat ourselves up, though I am sure a few of us do. It is simple a moment when we can rest.

Yet how many take the time to actually stop, before we falling into bed exhausted by the day; be it  happy, fast paced full of excitement, filled with mundane repetitive routines or surrounded by challenges and interruptions. How many of us STOP and catch our breath.

My child are taught to Stop, Breath, Think then Speak. Why because I want them to be aware of the moment in time when they can stop. I want them to know the power of their breath and how it can relax and refocus them. I want them to have the ability to think without chaos, I want them to speak with clarity so the world may understand them as they grow.

Have we adults lost the art of being able to stop. I believe we have and now we just collapse.  I run a meditation class and for me the beauty of it lays within the gentle snoring I hear.  I know at that moment even though they have now drifted off they have stopped and caught their breath.  We all laugh when we come out of our meditative state and finger-pointing takes over “who snored” …. “was that you?” No one is upset by it because everyone there got to stop and rest. They each gave back to themselves a moment in time they otherwise would have filled with stuff that could wait.

Adults need to teach our children its okay to stop, children now days don’t know the art of stopping long enough to wait. They want it all now now now now. And we indulge it because it easier than the screams and complaints that follow. But what if you asked them to stop and rest. To close their eyes and just focus on their breath. What if in that moment you stopped as well and watch as the world went by?

Sit back relax and stop for just a moment in time


As they truly are


hidden jewelTime to stop viewing people as we think they should be.

Time to stop believe they are the image we create them to be.

Time to let go of what you want and rather let them be who they are

Time for judgement to be thrown away, it was never yours to give anyway

Time for the finger to no longer be pointed unless you point it at yourself.


Is it not time for you to see the person for who they truly are?


Why do you look for some thing that is not there?

Why do you choose to make choices for them?

Why do place your label upon them?

Why are they not what you want them to be?

Are they not good enough being them?

October Moon

October Moon


Is it not time for you to see the person for who they truly are?


Disappointed because they don’t live to your imagery.

Disappointed because they don’t share your view.

Disappointed because they are them and not you.

Disappointed about how you now judge.

Disappointed that you missed so much, being to blind to see.


Is it not time for you to see the person for who they truly are?


Perhaps this time you can see the person for who they truly are.

Perhaps now you are no longer blind.

Perhaps you now have a choice to be you while they be them.

Perhaps now your judgement is gone.

Perhaps now you can be friends.


Now the shackles of your projections  have gone.

Finally it’s time and you can see the person for who they truly are.

art work by Pam Barry

art work by Pam Barry

Walk your own path not that of another


Do I dare share, what if I tell someone, what if they then take it away from me. Once bitten twice shy is that not how it goes. 1be yourself

We live in a world that is shrinking. Our identity is on show for the world to see. Technology allows us to search, review, analyse and grasp concepts that we would not have access to 30 years ago. Yet we all still cry out for originality for our individual self. We are so connected and disconnected. We share our lives now with strangers, people we have never meet and then we call them friends, or acquaintances. We trust people more and yet less at the same time. Each of us wanting to walk our own path in life. Yet are fearful that now that we are show others may take some of it away and make it theirs, so we hide away our truth scared of loosing us and our ideas.

The world is full of people all trying to walk their path. Some are in a rush others dawdle, others aimless follow the latest carved path not knowing where it takes them. Some sit on the side for a bit then see a path that looks like it could bring them dividends, they jump on board and try make it their own. Some people’s paths will cross with others, some dance around and merging for time then drifting apart, while others run parallel and never meet at. All along everyone still walking trying to find their niche in the world.

In a world were there is boundless opportunity and endless ideas it baffles me that people now find it hard to be creative and inventive in their own right. Rather they rely on the creativity and imagination of others, and then market it as their own. It’s then the same people who have chosen to walk the path of another that cry foul that it is not working for them …. Really I wonder why?

Just step back and look and see how much of you is actually apart of what you are doing, any of it, or has the path you walk been created by someone else? Because when there is none of you in it, then there is no creativity,  there is no passion, and there is just your ego believing you know better. We all know that ego knows how to fool people and it has fooled you.

Instead of taking the path that someone else has worked hard on. Take inspiration from what is around you. Expand this and create your own ideas, visions, carve out your own uniqueness in the path you walk. You have what you need to create your own niche, its inside of you already. You just have allowed laziness to convince you it is easier to re-market yourself in the imagery of another.

A copy is never as good as the original and you were born to be original not some cheap copy that has no moral or value behind it. While ideas will ultimate intertwine with others around you. Some merging and some running parallel the path you walk needs to contain you  and your ideas, your understanding, your learning, your personality, your passion. For although you make walk hand in hand on a similar path to another ultimately you will always end up walking your own path.

Oscar Wilde summed it up beautifully when he said ” be yourself everyone else is already taken”

Rolling stones and gathered moss


What is the saying  A rolling stone gathers no mossmindfull rest

This may be true but let it roll long enough and far enough eventually it hits a place and looses momentum then what. The moss begins to grow, the question is how long that stone stays there covered in moss before an event allows it to gain momentum again. The thunderstorm that brings sweeping rain shifting the stone from its resting place. The wild and wooly winds that bring down a tree branch that swings like a club catapulting the stone back into motion. The  bush walker who ponders and thinks about life while picking up the stone , perhaps to toss it away later on down the track.

And is gathering some moss really all that bad, a time to rest and be covered in lush green warmth, a bit like having a doona day I think!

The mind can be that rolling stone forever in motion never taking the time to stop. As we go through our daily lives we think, analyse, critic, chastise and repeat the mundane over and over again always moving in perpetual motion. Even our dreams have a our mind moving and thinking. And then the speed bump throws a little curve ball that help it come to a rest even if only for a short time. Trouble is some of us are so stuck in the motion of movement and thinking we don’t know how to stop and rest. We miss the sign that tells us to slow down and feel compelled to push through no matter what the cost of our mind, body, soul.

Gathering moss is not a bad thing, and taking time out is not a bad thing. The problem arises when we are the person who wont see the signs, we keep pushing forward. When we dont allow this natually resting state to happen our mind yells ENOUGH and finally stops! Sadly this happens way to often in today’s world. Why? Simply because we don’t allow ourselves to have a break. I have friends who are forced to take vacation time because they accumalted so much of it up at work…. they never stop. I have other friends who do so much for so many that they neglect themselves. Others yet just feel that they can not stop until they reach the end goal to which I ask “is that death? because you aint living right now.”

A friend once worked for a company that allowed 4 doona days a year, and that was on top of the annual sick level entitlement. Yes her job was stressful she dealt with people who could be abrasive; so they company took the step the value the employe and gave them the extra days. Lets face it we all would like a day were we didn’t have  to be a slave to the alarm clock and could just close the world away and lay in bed, or on the lounge and just rest.

So can we actually rest without having to take a whole day, without needing to get to state of forced STOP. rest

Yes we can, we just need to make the time for ourselves. We need to set aside 10 minuets in the day and allow it to be our time, some people now will say I don’t have 10 minutes, yes you do ….. more than likely that 10 minuets is given to some other task right now that does not serve you well. Think about it there is a spare 10 in those 1440 minuets that make up each day.

So what to do during those 10 minuets. REST bring the mind to a place of rest.

Sit in a place that you wont be interrupted. (set a timer if you need to, or pick out soft music that goes for 10 minuets )

Allow you mind to clear of all thoughts, listen to the sound of your breath.

Focus on your breath and then repeat in your mind the words ‘I am’

Dont add anything to these words just the words ‘I am’. As you repeat them over an over you allow the mind to become still.

Once your ten minuets is up allow yourself to be fully awake and in the present moment. Drink some water and get moving again. Your mind is ready for you to keep going forward, its ready for motion once again.

That small 10 minuets each day will allow your mind to become more resilient and resourceful when you need it most. Instead of coming to breaking point your mind will have tools it can now use to help in situation that arise. While a doona day every now and then may still be on the cards, these will days where you enjoy the comfort of your bed and not be retreating to it to hide from the world.

Life is for living and sometime living, means standing still and gathering moss. The moss is the rest and clarity we need to move forward, it’s just we miss the rest stop most of the time and push through.live life



confused2Yesterday I had two people very close to me in my life use the word Discombobulated. They both used it in correct syntax and both described different turns of events. The first one described the physical discombobulated state of some one lost and confused as to their surroundings. While the second one described the mental state of frustration and confusion as to how they felt due to events unfolding around them.

The urban dictionary defines Discombobulate  as ‘One of those rare and wonderful words that means exactly what it sounds like. There is no word more onomatopoeic to confusion than discombobulate’.

It got me thinking why they chose to use this word rather than simply state confusion as the final outcome to what was happening. It certainly emphasised their position on the subject matter and to be honest made me laugh when it was used more than once that day. Not a word I would imagine many people throw into their daily conversations often.

Then it got me thinking how many people out there feel discombobulated? In everyday life how many people are walking around not knowing how they are feeling. So many people are unable to articulate  their feelings clearly. In some case when they try to explain these feelings they then leave the listener can feel confused. Can one really nail down the exact emotion of the events that have left them feeling discombobulated?

How many people are walking around not knowing which direction they are heading in life, aimlessly following the crowd rather than walking their own path. Just doing what the norm is. Not able to define the direction they want to head in. Then they wake up one day and think how did I get here? How did my life turn out this way? By this time they are so discombobulated that they don’t know how to get onto their path.

How sad to think that many of us at some stage in our life feel totally discombobulated so it got me thinking well what is the  antonym to this discombobulation? I was then feeling discombobulated myself as there are no antonyms. Can we not be the opposite of confused? surely not! Here are a few near antonyms offered by one dictionary : reassure, satisfy, enlighten, inform. Seriously slim pickings there.

However if you want a synonym for this word you have many to choose from :  adrift, addle, baffle, befuddle, bemused, bewilder, confound, confuse, disorient, fuddled, muddle, mystify, perplex, puzzle, vex. The list can go on and on, my personal favourites are bamboozled and flummox.

So now that I have had chance to digest the word discombobulated I plan to try to not use it, without a positive alternative I confuseddon’t wish to inject it into my conversations…. yet part of me just loves the word and the way it sounds when used correctly… perhaps the positive is the smile it brought to my face yesterday when used so often.

My final thoughts on discombobulated ….. it’s a fun word that I hope none of you feel or find yourself in that state to often.


Happiness Depends on …………….


Happiness depends on ………………………………… (fill in the blank) 0f3123727c24b7982edcb5a75fb824d3

You all know the saying ‘if i had a dollar for every time some one said ….’  well for me I swear I would be rich if i had a dollar for every time someone didn’t fill in the blank with the word ME I hear it time and time again that happiness depends on everything but ME and when I say ‘me’ I truly do mean you there person reading or saying it.

Happiness depends on if I have the right partner ……..

Happiness depends on if I have the right number of children …….

Happiness depends on if I have the right job……………

Happiness depends on if I have the right house…….

Happiness depends on if I have enough money ……..

NO happiness depends on you YOU being Happy with You and that does not extend to any of those items listed above. Happiness is not something you obtain by accumulating external items, it is from within you that happiness comes. If you don’t like something about your life then you need to have a good look at why you feel it defines you. You can have the worst job in the world yet still be happy.  You can have no money yet still be happy. You don’t need a partner to be happy or even children. The right job, the perfect body, the right car …. the list may go on and on and yet these are all things that can be gone in the blink of an eye. And if they vanished or were removed from you what will you base your happiness on then?

To be truly happy learn to be happy from within, learn to love and be grateful for who you. Does it mean that you wont have an unhappy thought……no of course not, but it is just a thought and you have the power to change that. Stop searching for all the external items to fill you life with, images55and start working on fulfilling internally instead.

Be happy because you are you. Then you can say  Happiness depends on ME

Right Place – Right Time


synchronicity-2How many times have you just been somewhere at the right place at the right time and BAM you just hit jackpot, opportunity showed up and you grabbed it?

How many times have you thought WOW I am lucky, I get to now live the life I want? Be this  in business, personal life or family life,  or even the opportunity for change that you have been seeking, you are lucky right?

So was it luck or was it something much more?

When this happened did you feel the need to be in the place that day, did you go visit someone just feeling like you should, perhaps not knowing why. Did you make a wrong turn that actually turned into the correct turn?  I believe that belief in yourself got you there. You may not have been aware of it, however your heart and your mind knew it and combined they pushed you in the right direction. Synchronicity took over and it all feel together. The doors opened effortless and the opportunity presented itself. Your belief then allowed you to grab hold of it and make something of it.

So how do we get the belief in ourselves so that when it all flows and comes together we don’t miss it out on the opportunity.

  1. Let your dreams be bigger and more powerful than your fears, if your fear is bigger than the dream, the dream will seem out of reach forever.
  2. Stop listening to the negative talk of others, while the advice they give can be heartfelt and genuine sometimes its given so you don’t get hurt…. rather ask for their support without advice.
  3. Have an action plan and be open for it to change, having firm plans is fine but if you are not flexible you may find that the perfect opportunity slipped away because it was not boxed the way you thought it should be.
  4. Own your worth, we have all heard the saying “fake it till you make it” yet there comes a time when faking it no longer works and you need to OWN IT.
  5. Know your trigger points, know what allows fear and doubt to creep in and learn how to deal with it quickly so you can move forward.
  6. Have faith, not just in yourself but faith that you are there for a reason, the people you meet are seeking you out as much as you are seeking them out, opportunities can be symbiotic at times.
  7. Empower yourself, if need be grab a book read, do further studies, take up a hobby, what ever you ensure that it makes you feel great.
  8. Be you, no one else is a better you than you.

You need to take action to make opportunity come your way. When it does it times to stop second guessing and just start believing. Taking opportunity when it comes your ways can inspire others to grab opportunities that head their way… a ripple effect of inspiration allowing people to live the life they dream of. be you

Challenge the habit


Over the school holidays my eldest son has added the word funny and like to just about every sentence he says, instead of using um…. Err…. and…. he has unconsciously added these words. Sometimes they are in totally context others times they so out-of-place.belief

Somehow this has now become a habit and without wanting to sound hurtful in correcting him I have simply asked him to define funny and like and how they relate to the sentence and story he is telling me. I have asked him what other worlds he feels may be a better fit at times as well. I don’t want to encourage umm…. err …. and ….so I have also asked that he slow down and think about what message he wants to convey before speaking.

Watching him learn to undo the habit and replace it with a new thought process had me thinking about all the little things we do unconsciously that have become habits, some possible help us get through our day while others do not serve us well at all, some just seem to have crept up on us.

I know I am not alone when I say that Facebook on my phone can be an become an addictive habit, checking when I wake, over lunch, while watching TV before bed. Some of my friends have recently undertaken a challenge to only use Facebook when at their desk computer and have since remove the app from their phone. So I thought it would be FUN to write down all the things that could be achieved by removing Facebook from ones phone.

Family – amazing how much time we spend looking at a phone ignoring those that truly matter.

Awareness – meditate, relax and become aware of you and the real world you live in.

Cooking – imagine being able to enjoy doing this because you have time on your side.

Exercise – no excuses now you have more time and there is energy to burn.

Books – reading it’s amazing what reading a good book can do for the soul.

Organise – where can you make life more efficient for you (mine is my study schedule).

Obliterate – determination now to remove other worthless habits (we all have a few I am sure).

Kip – Imagine being able to fall asleep without a status update in your mind.

habitMy friends are doing a one month challenge with this to see how it changes their lives. What habit can you remove for one month to see how it changes your life? And once its change will you take the habit back up again or gain a new thought process that is for the better?