So what is there to tell about me ….

Well I am a mum of 2 beautiful boys, who like most children love each other and love to test my patience at times. Lucky I have wonderfully supportive husband who knows when to bring home wine. I made the choice last IMG_1748year to leave full-time work so that I could focus on furthering my education and spending time with my family who are my biggest inspiration.

I love spending time with family and friends, laughing and enjoying life. I  love to cook but don’t ever follow a recipe, and I can not bake a cake to save my life, that’s hubbys job! If you put me and my youngest son together we will fight each other for the last oyster and prawn…. and sometime he wins!

Meditation is one of my biggest passions, I use it to get away for moments of bliss and clarity. I write and produce my own mediation cd’s, and I love to share and teach meditation to others. Along with that I also believe in teaching children to follow their dreams, letting them know that life will not be handed to them on platter. They need take part in life and then they will see their dreams grow into reality.

I love to take pictures out in nature, while I am still learning how to achieve the best results, I am enjoying the quiet time it allows me.

I have two favourite mottos to live life by they are  “live a life that makes your heart sing & “believe in the power of you soon others will see it too”.

Oh and last but not least …. my day never begins until I have had my


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