Walk your own path not that of another


Do I dare share, what if I tell someone, what if they then take it away from me. Once bitten twice shy is that not how it goes. 1be yourself

We live in a world that is shrinking. Our identity is on show for the world to see. Technology allows us to search, review, analyse and grasp concepts that we would not have access to 30 years ago. Yet we all still cry out for originality for our individual self. We are so connected and disconnected. We share our lives now with strangers, people we have never meet and then we call them friends, or acquaintances. We trust people more and yet less at the same time. Each of us wanting to walk our own path in life. Yet are fearful that now that we are show others may take some of it away and make it theirs, so we hide away our truth scared of loosing us and our ideas.

The world is full of people all trying to walk their path. Some are in a rush others dawdle, others aimless follow the latest carved path not knowing where it takes them. Some sit on the side for a bit then see a path that looks like it could bring them dividends, they jump on board and try make it their own. Some people’s paths will cross with others, some dance around and merging for time then drifting apart, while others run parallel and never meet at. All along everyone still walking trying to find their niche in the world.

In a world were there is boundless opportunity and endless ideas it baffles me that people now find it hard to be creative and inventive in their own right. Rather they rely on the creativity and imagination of others, and then market it as their own. It’s then the same people who have chosen to walk the path of another that cry foul that it is not working for them …. Really I wonder why?

Just step back and look and see how much of you is actually apart of what you are doing, any of it, or has the path you walk been created by someone else? Because when there is none of you in it, then there is no creativity,  there is no passion, and there is just your ego believing you know better. We all know that ego knows how to fool people and it has fooled you.

Instead of taking the path that someone else has worked hard on. Take inspiration from what is around you. Expand this and create your own ideas, visions, carve out your own uniqueness in the path you walk. You have what you need to create your own niche, its inside of you already. You just have allowed laziness to convince you it is easier to re-market yourself in the imagery of another.

A copy is never as good as the original and you were born to be original not some cheap copy that has no moral or value behind it. While ideas will ultimate intertwine with others around you. Some merging and some running parallel the path you walk needs to contain you  and your ideas, your understanding, your learning, your personality, your passion. For although you make walk hand in hand on a similar path to another ultimately you will always end up walking your own path.

Oscar Wilde summed it up beautifully when he said ” be yourself everyone else is already taken”


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