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The writer is ready


writingSo I know I need to keep going however I am not sure how much coffee the human body can consume in one day and still remain with the ability to function. A friend suggested energy drinks but YUK I can even stand the smell of them. I am hopeful that my body will eventually understand that the standard 3 am wake up is so I can play through the next chapter in my mind before getting out of bed an hour or so later to write it.

Todays chapter is a hard one, for me it shows the first signs that we understand later one were missed. My main character is to young and to see if yet but what she misses now will bring it crashing down around her later.  I have been awake since three with the message/song “say something I’m giving up on you” rolling around my head. What pity the words fall on deaf ears only later to come back and haunt this character.

We all miss opportunities in life when things could have been steered in new directions, when people could have chosen not to glance over what was there all along. Guess that whats makes the journey we are on a free one. One that we can choose to be blind to, one that we can choose to explore, one that we can choose to change.

Well the coffee is made and the writer is ready ………… the best part the blinds are open and in a few hours I will get to watch the sun kiss the sky.

Enjoy your day everyone.


Live now


each moment

Today is taking place right now, in this very hour, minuet, second, and as the hand on the clock moves forward it will never happen again. Live for now, not what has been and not what could be.


Live in the moment

The stressors of our lives very rarely last for long periods of time, it is a fleeting thought, conversation or event that can uproot our daily routine and send us into a state of anxiety, stress, shock and disarray. They of course can have a lingering after effect on our daily lives and the way in which must adapt and move about in them. Yet the event has been and gone and now we are left with that needs to be done to move forward.

So should we just choose to let go and never look back, I don’t believe so. I think that for most of us to ask this of us would only induce more stress. However with time the magnitude of some events can diminish and we can indeed move forward freely without their impact. What about the fleeting thought, that is something that we have capacity to change in that very moment. We have the power to stop mid thought and change the direction of it, yet do we? Again for the most of us no we do not and we allow it to set off a chain reaction of other thoughts that can impinge on our perception of life and what it is and how it could be. A conversation can never be had again so it choose words wisely before you speak with a forked-tongue. I know when I feel angry upset or hurt I have adopted the mindset of ‘are my words truthful are the productive or am I lashing out as I feel out of control’ if I answer yes to the last part then my words stay put and are not spoken.

What about those of us who stressors are in the future of what could be? Well it may never be. The future is always that the future. Smart planning in our lives can certainly help reduce the stress of the unknown. Obviously the choice you make today can affect some parts of your future. Never saving can affect your ability to fee financial secure. Not have goals or aspirations can leave you feeling like you are floundering. (Though some people are happy to wander and discover all they need as they do). One thing however to be taken into account is that nobody is guaranteed their future, it is a gift. Right now you are all guaranteed to simply have now this moment.

Few can claim to live a totally stress free life, yet many more can reduce the stress in their life if they chose to live for now. A shift in focus to the now can bring about new clear thoughts. We can allow ourselves to enjoy the moment rather than allow hurt from the past or fear of the future to rob us of this time. Regret comes from not living life.Everyone will die yet not everyone lives.

Right now in this moment chose to live. Choose to not allow the past or future to rob you of the present.






Stop for a moment


rest4awhileBeyond the hectic pace of life there lies a time in the day, I am sure its different for all of us where we get to catch our breath and rest. Even if only for a second or two we get a moment in time that belongs to us and not the world outside.

It is in this time that we can stand still and see the day for how it was, or how we want it to be. We can see ourselves for all we have achieve and what is left to be done. It is not a time to beat ourselves up, though I am sure a few of us do. It is simple a moment when we can rest.

Yet how many take the time to actually stop, before we falling into bed exhausted by the day; be it  happy, fast paced full of excitement, filled with mundane repetitive routines or surrounded by challenges and interruptions. How many of us STOP and catch our breath.

My child are taught to Stop, Breath, Think then Speak. Why because I want them to be aware of the moment in time when they can stop. I want them to know the power of their breath and how it can relax and refocus them. I want them to have the ability to think without chaos, I want them to speak with clarity so the world may understand them as they grow.

Have we adults lost the art of being able to stop. I believe we have and now we just collapse.  I run a meditation class and for me the beauty of it lays within the gentle snoring I hear.  I know at that moment even though they have now drifted off they have stopped and caught their breath.  We all laugh when we come out of our meditative state and finger-pointing takes over “who snored” …. “was that you?” No one is upset by it because everyone there got to stop and rest. They each gave back to themselves a moment in time they otherwise would have filled with stuff that could wait.

Adults need to teach our children its okay to stop, children now days don’t know the art of stopping long enough to wait. They want it all now now now now. And we indulge it because it easier than the screams and complaints that follow. But what if you asked them to stop and rest. To close their eyes and just focus on their breath. What if in that moment you stopped as well and watch as the world went by?

Sit back relax and stop for just a moment in time


As they truly are


hidden jewelTime to stop viewing people as we think they should be.

Time to stop believe they are the image we create them to be.

Time to let go of what you want and rather let them be who they are

Time for judgement to be thrown away, it was never yours to give anyway

Time for the finger to no longer be pointed unless you point it at yourself.


Is it not time for you to see the person for who they truly are?


Why do you look for some thing that is not there?

Why do you choose to make choices for them?

Why do place your label upon them?

Why are they not what you want them to be?

Are they not good enough being them?

October Moon

October Moon


Is it not time for you to see the person for who they truly are?


Disappointed because they don’t live to your imagery.

Disappointed because they don’t share your view.

Disappointed because they are them and not you.

Disappointed about how you now judge.

Disappointed that you missed so much, being to blind to see.


Is it not time for you to see the person for who they truly are?


Perhaps this time you can see the person for who they truly are.

Perhaps now you are no longer blind.

Perhaps you now have a choice to be you while they be them.

Perhaps now your judgement is gone.

Perhaps now you can be friends.


Now the shackles of your projections  have gone.

Finally it’s time and you can see the person for who they truly are.

art work by Pam Barry

art work by Pam Barry

Nothing is impossible

Devine Time

Devine Time

‘Trust in the Divine presence of timing’ a short little sentence that has filled every dream that came to me last night. A nice little reminder to me to have the trust needed; to move forward without placing obstacles in the way.

Obstacles that we all throw at ourselves every now and then. You know the one that we throw most Self doubt.

So my many dreams last night I am sure where to remind me of how to keep that obstacle at bay. Let the ego rack off since that’s where most obstacles come from and just move forward even if it is only one step at a time.

But why the self-doubt, what was plaguing my mind. Simple really financial issues. It has always been my weakness, even when I am feeling like all is going smoothly in life. The slightest hiccup with finances years ago saw me crumble. I have come along way since then and now don’t allow lack of money to interrupt the daily joy of life. Yet after 8 weeks of my husband not working it was starting to creep up on me. I know where we stand financial right now and we are by no means broke. However I also know how long the money we have left will last and it can be counted in days and weeks not months and years like I would like it to be.

Financial self-doubt was creeping up again, getting ready to raise its ugly head. Well sorry ego I have other planes and it doesn’t involve crumbling at this little hiccup. So last night in my dreams the message over and over again as my subconscious leapt from one dream to another was :

Trust in the Divine presence of timing

And this I plan to do. It doesn’t mean sitting here waiting for the knock at the door and it all changes it means being proactive in life. Too many people think that they can wish it or manifest it by simply sitting there wanting it bad enough. NO! You can’t to gain anything in life by wanting it bad enough. You must be an active participant in life and go out and take action to allow it happen. Divine timing will open the door at the right time, but that wont be your front door it be one of the doors you knock on.

If you follow these simple principle manifesting what you need is achievable:chase the dream

Firstly address your thought process,

  • Negative thoughts allow for continued negativity in your life.
  • Positive thoughts allow for continued positivity in your life.
  • Change your thoughts change your life.

Secondly get clear about what you want and why

  • A million dollars is fine to want but why do you want it, do you truly need it to be happy.
  • Health, happiness and harmony have so much more value than a million dollars.

Thirdly be clear how you ask for it

  • Debt free sure;  Bankruptcy can get you debt free. Or do you want that or the ability to pay off your debt with ease ?
  • If you want a new job no problem, do you need to lose it first, or transition smoothly into a new one?

Fourthly be prepared to work towards the goal, participate and create momentum for it to flow towards you.

  • If you want a new home, you need to be working out the budget, saving extra if needed, get your old home ready for sale,  you are not Dorothy and it wont just fall out of the sky.
  • After the love of your life, they are not knocking at your front door either, so if you stay home and don’t go out socializing they are not showing up. Get out of your comfort zone.
  • New career, but no skills or qualifications in it, well then open the text-book, enrol in the course get working towards it.

Finally never let the obstacles hold you back

  • Be persistent don’t give up because the first door didn’t open, it wasnt meant to, you are meant to keep going, Trust in the Divine presence of timing.

    nothing is impossible

    nothing is impossible

  • When others say you can’t let them know I can and I will.
  • Know you can achieve it. Believe in the power of you.
  • Be thankful for the process Attitude of gratitude.
  • Dont fear change Live without regret.


Climb the dream


dream treeIn the backyard sat a large tree.

So tall it almost reach the sky.

Louis sat down underneath it and said “ one day I will be able to climb”.

He sat there and dreamt of climbing that tree.

He dreamt and he dreamt of what an amazing day it would.


The years rolled on and time slipped by.

Louis soon forgot the dream to climb.

Instead his days became filled with this and that.

He filled them with work and filled them with that.

Untill one day not so long ago he ventured back  home.


Upon arrival he looked around so many memories so profound.

Louis stepped outside and looked up to the sky the tree was still and still ever so high.

He sat down below in and remembered the dream he had as a child.

Slow he stood and question why, why oh why had he never climbed.


So with new determination he reached for a branch.beleive

He grabbed and held on tight and lifted himself up with all his might.

He climb and climbed.

Reaching higher and higher.


When finally at the top he look around and survayed all he could see.

The world was a very different place from up in this tree.

Instead of why not he suddenly though I can.

Instead of why me he thought yes me.


From the top of the tree dreams came rushing back.

The ability to achieve all that he wanted to be.

He stayed for hours as enjoyed the view.


And as the sun set he climbed back down.

He thank himself for the joy he had found.

From climbing the tree had set him free.

Now life would now be what he wanted it to be.


From that day forth Louis never gave up on a dream.childhood dreams

Most importantly he taught his children the power of achieving their dreams.

So while the tree still stands tall in the backyard.

The children climb and realise the dream.

They are free to live a life just as beautiful as the tree.

Always look on the bright side of life


brighterlifeWhile out with a friend of mine today she mentioned how my posts on social media have been positive, no negativity at all. I replied yep can’t be bothered to share negativity. I explained that yes I have bad moments in the day it’s not happy smily 24/7. Yet really is Facebook  or other media areas the place to air the dirty laundry and she agreed it’s not. She herself is not one to put negativity out there into the world of social media.

To me and to many others who just don’t say it Facebook and other social medial outlets are not the place to air your daily dummy-spits or let off steam about small things like breaking a nail. I am not saying don’t let of a little steam now and then, by all means post away. For some, there is some great advice given.  I am talking more about the posts that are a perpetual cycle of “my life sux!” it  just becomes BORING especially if you don’t actively participate in making changes for the better. I actually am not that interested in what happened in your day. I know that’s harsh, and before you complain hear me out.


  1. You have had a bad day….. so has the rest of the world at some stage, I don’t want to hear about it …..instead tell me what went RIGHT!
  2. You can’t buy the dress/perfume/bag/tv whatever you want……………… be thankful you can buy food.
  3. You are having a fight……………….be thankful you have voice ……………and chose to walk away from relationships that don’t work.
  4. You are not happy with your weight………………. be thankful you have the power to change it.
  5. You are not happy with your job …………….be thankful you can change that.
  6. You are not happy with the world in general………….. look harder there is a reason to be thankful you just glanced over it or chose to ignore it.

I teach my children to tell me what they are thankful for each day. They wake and love the day they are entering into. Yes they have bad days we all do, yet at the end of the day I ask them what has made them happy today. Most times my 7 years old replies “you mummy, and daddy and the whole family”. Master 11 who is a little more wise to the hurt that can be found in the world will start with telling me what went wrong. I don’t shut him down for this I simply ask ok …… “tell me what went right for you today?” and yes something always goes right no matter how bad the day.

Am I saying you wont have really bad dark days? NO! hell no we have all had them. The difference is in how we chose to share these days and little hiccups in your day don’t need to make social media headlines. Have I posted stuff that I later regret yes, show me someone who hasn’t, but we can choose to make a more conscious effort this think before we write or speak.

so to end I want to share a motto for life with you all.



The addiction that grows


WritingI woke one morning not all that long ago and just knew that I had to get up and do what needed to be done.

I woke with a firm idea and action plan. I thought this is a crazy concept, perhaps it may just flow and work. Since that day the addiction has grown and shows no sign of stopping. From a concept, to a mind map, characters have developed, chapters have been written. And the waking hours are far to short so I get up earlier and feed the addiction.

Why because it wakes me from my sleep. This morning it woke at me 3am. I lay in bed and the vision of todays chapter formulated in my head. I knew the character and and how they would enter into the story.  Now I find myself developing the sub plot of this characters journey and even though I look at the time and think of what I should be doing I find myself refusing to budge.


Sorry kids you have to get your own dinner tonight is what I want to say.

Perhaps the washing will get its self off the line, or fingers crossed the thunderstorm heading this way just vanishes.

Good thing hubby just brought me a frozen coke there is enough sugar in that to keep me going until late tonight.

So the addiction grows the more I write the more I need to keep writing. Earnest Hemingway said it best “There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at the typewrite and bleed.”

Hubby can cook tonight for my bum is firmly planted on the chair and my fingers are dancing across the keyboard as I develop, explore and create the next chapter of an extraordinary journey.

all things change

change is beauty

change is beauty

The equinox is here again and as the wheel turns all things change. Be it spring for those in the north or autumn for those in the south one this is for sure, the days are now changing. Its time to embrace the cycles of life as the year moves forward.

For me personal I love the change in seasons, I love the nights becoming cooler and the days becoming short, of course I love the flip side of it as well when come background to warmth and long nights. Yet as I bid goodbye to summers warm kiss this year I find myself falling in love even more with the beauty of longer nights. Not because I feel I can sleep more in fact quiet the opposite. I feel have more time for me. Now as the sun takes longer to break the night sky I find myself rising earlier so I can embrace the beauty before dawn. It inspires me, it nourishes me and I find that the words I write in my conversation hour flow at a quicker pace, freely and effortlessly.  This time of year is seeing me fall in love with the words on the page, not just what I have written but of those that have been written by others I am inspired by the journey they have taken and the change they have allowed to flow in their lives in when they have wanted for life to stop and they let them off the crazy ride.

Tha autumn equinox like that of the spring brings a day of balance where day and night reside equally. For both its a time of being thankful and being balanced. If you are in the north you are about to welcome more daylight and this brings about it fun and play, times of new growth is there not only in your gardens but in your life. It’s a time for fertility of ideas and creativity. Now is the time for positive change. Go with it allow the energy to flow and bring abundance your way. For those of us in the south right now look at all you have been able to achieve of the warmer months, look at how your life has grown and taken leaps forward. Allow yourself to acknowledge everything you have completed. Be thankful for what you have achieved, as the nights begin to take hold you will be able to sit back and enjoy your bounty. Its a time to sit for moment and reflect ensuring that you bring your body into balance. When you align with the change in season and the balance of light and dark you allow for new opportunities to be revealed both for those in the north and southern hemisphere.

Each new season brings about subtle adjustments to the way we live even down to the food we eat. For me I am bidding farewell for now to lush summer fruits, mangoes, peaches and nectarines and welcoming hearty pears and apples. My evening meal is warmer, my children love to eat soup with thick crusty bread. Roast dinners with root vegetables will start to make their way onto our plates. My children are asking for a jumper as they greet the crisp morning air. Today as we step outside just before the sun was up we watch the beauty of a hot-air balloon take in the glory of the waking day. Oh how I love the changes all around right now.

What ever season you are heading into what ever change is embracing your life right now, know that it’s all apart of the where you are meant to be. Live now in the present moment rather than wishing for a different time. Allow the natural cycles of life to envelope you and take you where you need to go, don’t fight against change its going to happen allow it to. As the year moves on so do we, how hard this change becomes is down to how much we are prepared to let go, embrace, and accept that all things change.

Josephine Wall Breath of Gaia

Josephine Wall Breath of Gaia

Walk your own path not that of another


Do I dare share, what if I tell someone, what if they then take it away from me. Once bitten twice shy is that not how it goes. 1be yourself

We live in a world that is shrinking. Our identity is on show for the world to see. Technology allows us to search, review, analyse and grasp concepts that we would not have access to 30 years ago. Yet we all still cry out for originality for our individual self. We are so connected and disconnected. We share our lives now with strangers, people we have never meet and then we call them friends, or acquaintances. We trust people more and yet less at the same time. Each of us wanting to walk our own path in life. Yet are fearful that now that we are show others may take some of it away and make it theirs, so we hide away our truth scared of loosing us and our ideas.

The world is full of people all trying to walk their path. Some are in a rush others dawdle, others aimless follow the latest carved path not knowing where it takes them. Some sit on the side for a bit then see a path that looks like it could bring them dividends, they jump on board and try make it their own. Some people’s paths will cross with others, some dance around and merging for time then drifting apart, while others run parallel and never meet at. All along everyone still walking trying to find their niche in the world.

In a world were there is boundless opportunity and endless ideas it baffles me that people now find it hard to be creative and inventive in their own right. Rather they rely on the creativity and imagination of others, and then market it as their own. It’s then the same people who have chosen to walk the path of another that cry foul that it is not working for them …. Really I wonder why?

Just step back and look and see how much of you is actually apart of what you are doing, any of it, or has the path you walk been created by someone else? Because when there is none of you in it, then there is no creativity,  there is no passion, and there is just your ego believing you know better. We all know that ego knows how to fool people and it has fooled you.

Instead of taking the path that someone else has worked hard on. Take inspiration from what is around you. Expand this and create your own ideas, visions, carve out your own uniqueness in the path you walk. You have what you need to create your own niche, its inside of you already. You just have allowed laziness to convince you it is easier to re-market yourself in the imagery of another.

A copy is never as good as the original and you were born to be original not some cheap copy that has no moral or value behind it. While ideas will ultimate intertwine with others around you. Some merging and some running parallel the path you walk needs to contain you  and your ideas, your understanding, your learning, your personality, your passion. For although you make walk hand in hand on a similar path to another ultimately you will always end up walking your own path.

Oscar Wilde summed it up beautifully when he said ” be yourself everyone else is already taken”