Calm without fear


fearsSaturday morning and there is a sense of calm in our house. Everything is still up in the air after last weeks news of job loss and no income, a lot of things seem like they are so much further out of reach then they did before and uncertainty about the future still runs strong, yet there is calm.

There is calm because we choose it to be, there is calm because I choose not to function in fear. Fear grabbed hold on Thursday and Friday and I am sure it will grab hold again and again, yet I will choose how I deal with it and I will choose to send it away. I have always loved this particular saying about fear:door

Fear knocked at the door, Fear answered the door, and Fear went away.

My home is for me my sanctuary, it where I feel comfortable, protected, loved. So my home has no place for fear to reside within it. Fear is the biggest killer of our hopes and dreams, it eats away at the soul-destroying it if allowed. I wont allow it to eat away at mine. While many of these dreams seem like they have been placed in a holding pattern for the present time they are still there and they are still achievable. They may take a little more work, a little more tenacity to achieve, but they will be achieved. The beauty is that these dreams while in a holding pattern actually allow me to review them, they allow me to see them more clearly. Some may no longer be needed in my life, and some fuel stellar determination pushing me towards success.

If we allow fear to circle this holding pattern of dreams, as it does for so many of us, it throws life into chaos, yet it need not be that way. I choose that fear can be my friend, fear can show me when something truly is not right, like the person you meet who you just know to stay away from, when walking home late at night fear helps heighten the senses allowing us to make the trip safely. Yet fear for the sake of holding me back and turning my thoughts upside down is not my friend.

So how do I get rid of it and bring about the calm

  • meditation, this can be sitting quietly or walking in nature for me it brings clarity.
  • staying hydrated, sounds silly but the body needs to function correctly so that your mind is clear.
  • I wash negative and fearful thoughts away, I imagine fear going down the drain while I am in the shower, or washing my hands.
  • reading, take some time and read something inspirational, uplifting and heart warming.
  • laughter, learn to laugh and laugh often, fear hates laughter so laugh at it.
  • face it, a fear you hid or push out of site is still a fear that is allowed to reside in your mind, slowly eating away at it.
  • Surround yourself with the people you love, friends and family.

Fear is not a place I wish to live my life and so allowing it in for two days this week was not a pleasant experience, however once I faced it I was able to see clearly what had cause the fear and I am able to work on that and move past it. Allowing for a place of calm even while surrounded by uncertainty.relax


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