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Happiness Depends on …………….


Happiness depends on ………………………………… (fill in the blank) 0f3123727c24b7982edcb5a75fb824d3

You all know the saying ‘if i had a dollar for every time some one said ….’  well for me I swear I would be rich if i had a dollar for every time someone didn’t fill in the blank with the word ME I hear it time and time again that happiness depends on everything but ME and when I say ‘me’ I truly do mean you there person reading or saying it.

Happiness depends on if I have the right partner ……..

Happiness depends on if I have the right number of children …….

Happiness depends on if I have the right job……………

Happiness depends on if I have the right house…….

Happiness depends on if I have enough money ……..

NO happiness depends on you YOU being Happy with You and that does not extend to any of those items listed above. Happiness is not something you obtain by accumulating external items, it is from within you that happiness comes. If you don’t like something about your life then you need to have a good look at why you feel it defines you. You can have the worst job in the world yet still be happy.  You can have no money yet still be happy. You don’t need a partner to be happy or even children. The right job, the perfect body, the right car …. the list may go on and on and yet these are all things that can be gone in the blink of an eye. And if they vanished or were removed from you what will you base your happiness on then?

To be truly happy learn to be happy from within, learn to love and be grateful for who you. Does it mean that you wont have an unhappy thought……no of course not, but it is just a thought and you have the power to change that. Stop searching for all the external items to fill you life with, images55and start working on fulfilling internally instead.

Be happy because you are you. Then you can say  Happiness depends on ME


Right Place – Right Time


synchronicity-2How many times have you just been somewhere at the right place at the right time and BAM you just hit jackpot, opportunity showed up and you grabbed it?

How many times have you thought WOW I am lucky, I get to now live the life I want? Be this  in business, personal life or family life,  or even the opportunity for change that you have been seeking, you are lucky right?

So was it luck or was it something much more?

When this happened did you feel the need to be in the place that day, did you go visit someone just feeling like you should, perhaps not knowing why. Did you make a wrong turn that actually turned into the correct turn?  I believe that belief in yourself got you there. You may not have been aware of it, however your heart and your mind knew it and combined they pushed you in the right direction. Synchronicity took over and it all feel together. The doors opened effortless and the opportunity presented itself. Your belief then allowed you to grab hold of it and make something of it.

So how do we get the belief in ourselves so that when it all flows and comes together we don’t miss it out on the opportunity.

  1. Let your dreams be bigger and more powerful than your fears, if your fear is bigger than the dream, the dream will seem out of reach forever.
  2. Stop listening to the negative talk of others, while the advice they give can be heartfelt and genuine sometimes its given so you don’t get hurt…. rather ask for their support without advice.
  3. Have an action plan and be open for it to change, having firm plans is fine but if you are not flexible you may find that the perfect opportunity slipped away because it was not boxed the way you thought it should be.
  4. Own your worth, we have all heard the saying “fake it till you make it” yet there comes a time when faking it no longer works and you need to OWN IT.
  5. Know your trigger points, know what allows fear and doubt to creep in and learn how to deal with it quickly so you can move forward.
  6. Have faith, not just in yourself but faith that you are there for a reason, the people you meet are seeking you out as much as you are seeking them out, opportunities can be symbiotic at times.
  7. Empower yourself, if need be grab a book read, do further studies, take up a hobby, what ever you ensure that it makes you feel great.
  8. Be you, no one else is a better you than you.

You need to take action to make opportunity come your way. When it does it times to stop second guessing and just start believing. Taking opportunity when it comes your ways can inspire others to grab opportunities that head their way… a ripple effect of inspiration allowing people to live the life they dream of. be you

Calm without fear


fearsSaturday morning and there is a sense of calm in our house. Everything is still up in the air after last weeks news of job loss and no income, a lot of things seem like they are so much further out of reach then they did before and uncertainty about the future still runs strong, yet there is calm.

There is calm because we choose it to be, there is calm because I choose not to function in fear. Fear grabbed hold on Thursday and Friday and I am sure it will grab hold again and again, yet I will choose how I deal with it and I will choose to send it away. I have always loved this particular saying about fear:door

Fear knocked at the door, Fear answered the door, and Fear went away.

My home is for me my sanctuary, it where I feel comfortable, protected, loved. So my home has no place for fear to reside within it. Fear is the biggest killer of our hopes and dreams, it eats away at the soul-destroying it if allowed. I wont allow it to eat away at mine. While many of these dreams seem like they have been placed in a holding pattern for the present time they are still there and they are still achievable. They may take a little more work, a little more tenacity to achieve, but they will be achieved. The beauty is that these dreams while in a holding pattern actually allow me to review them, they allow me to see them more clearly. Some may no longer be needed in my life, and some fuel stellar determination pushing me towards success.

If we allow fear to circle this holding pattern of dreams, as it does for so many of us, it throws life into chaos, yet it need not be that way. I choose that fear can be my friend, fear can show me when something truly is not right, like the person you meet who you just know to stay away from, when walking home late at night fear helps heighten the senses allowing us to make the trip safely. Yet fear for the sake of holding me back and turning my thoughts upside down is not my friend.

So how do I get rid of it and bring about the calm

  • meditation, this can be sitting quietly or walking in nature for me it brings clarity.
  • staying hydrated, sounds silly but the body needs to function correctly so that your mind is clear.
  • I wash negative and fearful thoughts away, I imagine fear going down the drain while I am in the shower, or washing my hands.
  • reading, take some time and read something inspirational, uplifting and heart warming.
  • laughter, learn to laugh and laugh often, fear hates laughter so laugh at it.
  • face it, a fear you hid or push out of site is still a fear that is allowed to reside in your mind, slowly eating away at it.
  • Surround yourself with the people you love, friends and family.

Fear is not a place I wish to live my life and so allowing it in for two days this week was not a pleasant experience, however once I faced it I was able to see clearly what had cause the fear and I am able to work on that and move past it. Allowing for a place of calm even while surrounded by uncertainty.relax

Fall down get back up


challaengeWow this year has really jumped forward with a bang. In the last week alone I have spoken to more people than ever before who are worried about job security, going through financial crisis and facing health dilemmas. Some would think of this as a bad start and that all these people are suffering, yet it’s quite the opposite. Yes there remains the element of stress, our lovely friend ego ensures we carry some of that with us through these times. However rather than allow their dreams to bust so many have spoken about being resilient and rising to the challenge. For me a challenge is just an opportunity waiting for you to look at it the right way.

During these time is not the challenge that’s important rather the way we respond to it. Do we lash out and cry foul of the universe and what it brings our way? Do we crumble and fall? Do we fall into a depression, get angry and waste time laying blame? Or do we stand up and face it head on? Do we say “I don’t like this but I can change it”? Do we ensure that we nurture ourselves during this time, keep positive and find outlets for stress?

Fall-7-Times-Stand-Up-8The greatest challenge for those facing upheaval in their life I believe is not whether they fall down, rather it’s to get back up and keep moving forward. When a person faces a challenge time they can become to the world around them either an inspiration or burden. For those with children no matter their age it is important to teach resilience, to become the inspiration. We do this by our actions, the words we speak and the response we give.

Life is not about living without bumps, jolts, hills or slides. It is however about a journey, how this journey looks is up to you. In my life my aim is to teach my children to enjoy the journey and to be able to stand back up after being knocked down. To do this my children are aware of the challenges we face. While we keep them informed of what is going on their young ages mean they don’t have to know every detail, yet enough to understand. We don’t walk around in our house pretending everything is perfect, yet we don’t allow negativity and doubt to take control. If we have a bad day we acknowledge it. I teach them how to keep calm, meditation if even for 2 minutes is amazing for this with young children. We do not shy away from our feelings, we talk them through. Most importantly they understand that as a family they are important to us. If they have advice to offer we listen to them, ensuring they grown up knowing how to think about solutions rather than focus on problems. By doing all of this we are building resilient children who are well equipped to change challenge into opportunity when needed in their