Making lemonade


lemonsWe all know the saying when life gives you lemons make lemonade. That’s exactly what this family is about to start doing!!!

Yesterday as I picked my boys up from school I got a dreaded phone call. My husband was on the other end.

He said “I have just been thrown a curve ball, please take me off speaker phone”

I have a habit of everyone being on speaker phone opps….

He went on “I have just been told I have no job ……….”


Me “from when?”

“From now I am on my way to the station I have just packed up my belongs from the office” he informed me.

So at 3.35 yesterday our life was turned upside down. Here I was settling in for a year of fulltime study and being an at home mum to help my children thrive at school, and now …… well all the balls are back up in the air.

My mind raced and raced finally I said “ok well this just means that there is something better out there for you”.

For those that know me well will know that this even uttering these words was a huge shift in the way that I view the challenges that life throws our way. A few years ago this news would have seen me fall to the ground and crumble. Finacially security is a long held stress trigger for me, and sends me into a tail spin when ever I am challeged with it. NOT this time. This time I was already in my mind working on plans as to how we will not only get through this but how we will seize the opportunity given to

My first thought was to our out empty bank account, it literally contained $0.19  in it, and my husband was due to be paid on the 31st, however there was a fear there that this would not happen. The reason for losing his job was the company was no longer financially able to support the works, so would he even get paid? There was food in the house so we would not be hungry at least not for the next few days. Petrol in the car was an issue it was shaping up to be long walks to take the boys to and from school.

Master 11 came out and asked me what was going on, obviously sensing the tension and when I let him know he burst into tears fearing the worst. Right then in that moment I knew that my attitude needed to shift up another gear. I would not let him be worried about what would happen next and I would not allow myself to be consumed with fear like in the past.

I wrapped my arms around him and let him know “This is not a bad thing, this means that there is a greater opportunity waiting for us all, we will be fine and there is no need to worry.” As I uttered the words I felt them ring true and provide me with a strength of conviction to show him how great an opportunity this can be.

So what action to take next, first I message a good friend of mine to see if there are any jobs at her work that I could apply for? I let her know what had happened she was gob-smacked to say the least. She later turned up with a bottle of chilled wine for me ……. Friends really do know how to turn on the light for their friends when it’s dark.

The next two hours were consumed with job hunting for me, and finding out what financial assistance we could get. Needless to say we have a load of meetings to attend in the next few days, all while I need to be studying for my psychology exam. And again I remind myself …… it will be ok.

After my husband got home he reinforced my worlds to Master 11 that everything would be fine. He jumped right onto the computer and started the job hunting process. We were not going to let this beat us. We got given lemons and today we would start making lemonade.

The beauty of being hit with a curve ball when you have young children is that they see things with innocence and without all the strings attached. So when Master 7 went and grab the magic 8 ball he asked two questions:

“Is dad happy?”  The magic eight balls reply ‘count on it’

“Will dad get a new job soon?” the magic eight balls reply ‘Yes’.8 ball

Master 7 jumped up ran to his father and said “The magic eight ball said Yes! It’s all ok.”

In that moment of pure innocence I once again felt the strength of conviction, and that everything would be ok.

The world has given all of us lemons at some time in our life, most times I would have just been tasting the sourness from them. Allowing fear to step in and take control of how I reacted to the situation. This time I would taste the beautiful lemonade and enjoy the process of making it and teaching my children resilience along the way.


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