Inspiration comes from………………..


inspirationWow must have been the most restless sleep I have had in a long time. My shoulder had been hurting all day so I was after a good night’s sleep and that’s not what I got. Instead I was woken so many times, once by son who had a bad dream and then the rest of the night by pain and inspiration.

Several times I woke thinking stupid shoulder and tossed and turned to get comfy again, but as I tossed and turned thoughts ran through my semi-conscious mind. Silly thoughts like what to wear when I wake …. Seriously how about I stay in bed all day….. To write this down it will be good….. Write what down I asked my mind??? Just let me sleep how about that!

No sleep was not something my mind had in store for me so I lay there and watched and listened to the words that flowed through my head. At one stage I was tempted to get up and write them down, but the want to be tucked up in bed kept me there.

Finally I drifted off to sleep, and when I woke to my surprise I remember the words that floated through my head in those early hours.  So this time I got out of bed and wrote them down, without questioning without out looking over it ……. At the end of writing I had written two pages.

Two pages of what totally ramblings smacked together? I sat back and reread what I wrote. I have to say at this time I was smiling like a Cheshire cat!!! In amongst the rambling words were several book ideas.  I have always held the desire to write for children and in there on those two pages where the ideas for the books.

So silly shoulder pain I thank you! The tossing and turning you caused help start a creative journey this morning. Where will it lead I have no idea yet ……one thing I am sure of is that the first solid steps on the journey wmageshave started and all I need do now is keep walking, or should I say writing.

So inspiration comes from ………….. My guess it comes from the time and place that you least expect it. Inspiration asks you to step onto a journey of discovery, to let it lead and guide you and to perhaps push you along the way.


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