Believe in your rainbow


I am always inspired when I see people take a chance and make a change in their life. The courage it takes to step out from dark clouds and basking in their own rainbow leaves me filled with happiness and admiration for that person.

It’s often not easy to step out of what seems to be a perpetual cycle of darkness, bad decision-making, heartbreak, financial woes, self-doubt, blame games and internal conflict. Yet it can be done, the first step however is to see the pattern.  If you feel like you are constantly being tested time and time again then there is a pattern to the choices that have been made over and over again. The great news you don’t have to make the same choice ever again.

The next step is to stop the blame game, stop blaming everyone else around you for were you are, stop blaming yourself for were you are, stop yelling at god the universe whoever, and instead take ownership of the current situation. The moment you stop blaming is the moment that you take charge. When has yelling at anyone including yourself every made you feel better about what is going on? Beating yourself up about mistakes only rainbowserves to lower your self-esteem it’s not healthy so STOP!

Once you have taken ownership of the situation you then have given yourself the power to change it!! The power to step away, to move forward, to make change for the better, the power to be YOU!

Grab hold of that power and make the changes you need. Stumbling blocks may appear along the way that’s okay …. Instead of feeling down about them, view them as stepping-stones or a time to rest. Sometimes we need to stop and look back to see just how far we have come. When you are feeling down look up and see the rainbow as you move the dark clouds away.

For my sister who has just stepped into her own rainbow, betting the last money in her wallet to take a chance and make a change. You are my inspiration today, and I say to her and all others wanting to make a change and needing the courage to do it.

Believe in the Power of You, because soon others will see it too!


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