Wish I had, Wish I could, Wish I didn’t


Life is full of boundless opportunities and yet we so often walk past them, never taking the chance. We let so many things slip by that often we end up looking back with wishful thinking

Wish I had………..……..

Wish I could……………..

Wish I didn’t……….…….

Unfortunately most of us follow-up this with

It’s too late now to …………………………

Believing that change cannot happen. That we have left the run far too late to achieve anything we may have wished we did. Or to make the change on what we wish we didn’t, leaving us with a life of regret.

The biggest issue of life that is full of wishes is that there is usually then a pattern of a life with no action.  One cannot achieve anything unless they are willing to participate in life and take action upon the wish.

So what if we could? What if it’s no too late and we can still reach the dreams we set ourselves, what if we can change the aspects we don’t want anymore?  What if the opportunity that once presented shows up again, maybe in a slightly different format, will you walk past it or reach out and take it with both hands?

Simply the choice will be yours….. and it will come down to how passionate you are about achieving the dream and how willing you are to work at achieving it. There are no fairy godmothers waving wands that turn pumpkins into carriages. Yet surround yourself with the right people and you will find a fairy godmother in the words of encouragement you receive along the way.

wishitMake the wish become the dream and let the dream become the reality. Just because you walked past the opportunity once doesn’t not mean it’s lost. You may not be able to capture every lost wish, and you may not want to. However if the wish is big enough, stop wishing it away and take action to bring it to reality. Taking small steps will eventually lead to leaps forward and a wish realised.


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