Recharge the family


As a family we all took time to get away this long weekend, a 3 hour drive later saw us relaxing in the country air near Bathurst. We made no plans we just went to relax. Everyone was in need of recharging their batteries.

My children ran around the farm without a care in the world, flying paper aeroplanes and riding their bikes down the dirt road, they watch a little chick be hatched and hoped it would survive after being rejected by its mother, thankfully it seems to be doing well. The main thing my children experienced this weekend was FREEDOM, freedom to be who they wanted to be, to be stress-free, free to explore and participate in life, FREEDOM TO BE A KID, I can tell you know as I write this they are still asleep in bed even though they should be getting ready for the first back at school.

IMG_1822My husband and I got to relax and unwind as well, no phones ringing, no deadlines to meet, not a care in the world just a chance to stop and breath and just be in the moment. Both of us like to dabble in photography, my husband I believe has a great talent for this me, it’s just a hobby he jokes “I am a point and shot photographer”. No matter what skill level we both enjoy the relaxed focus it gives us. By that I mean that we need to focus and breathe and wait for the right moment to take the picture and by doing so we get to zone out the outside world and be present in our world.

As a family we laughed and played and relaxed all weekend  and found time for each other, time that gets pushed to the side all too often in our busy lives.

We all spent time connecting in with nature recharging the batteries and soothing the soul. It’s important to take time even if it’s just pottering around you own garden connecting back and recharging, and it’s important for families to connect to one another.

I encourage you all to get away from it and spend time in the moment with your families, with yourself and recharge. Often when this is done the problems that you left behind before heading away is no longer as big as what they once seemed and new energy allows you to tackle the problems left behind without the same amount of stress and grief. So go connect lay under the stars and laugh with you family your soul will thank you for it and so will theirs.



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